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Personal Umbrella Insurance
(Excess Liablility Insurance)

Provides an extra layer of liability insurance (“on top of your auto and home policy liability limits”) in case you are involved in a major claim and/or lawsuit. It helps protect your current assets and your future retirement………… giving you peace of mind!

Examples illustrating the need for a personal umbrella:

  1. You hit a patch of ice in the winter and cross the center line causing several vehicles to crash into one another. If someone or multiple people are injured, your basic auto policy bodily injury liability limits might not be enough to cover all the temporary and/or permanent injuries sustained. If multiple vehicles are damaged, your property damage liability limit may be inadequate to pay for all the vehicle repairs and/or replacement.
  2. If someone slips, trips and/or falls at your home and shatters their elbow or knee? Would your homeowner’s liability limit be adequate to cover their present and long term pain and suffering?
  3. Coverage for personal libel, slander and other personal liability situations.
  4. You are on a vacation and rent a speed boat on a large lake. You missed seeing the jet skier up ahead and your boat severely injured him.
  5. You have a large financial net worth and do a lot of traveling and/or entertaining.

In summary, the “umbrella” goes “over” (on top of) your current auto and home liability limits to protect you when you have a large “at-fault” financial exposure! Contact Douglas Trunnell Insurance Services to learn more!

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